Ultra-lightweight thanks to its Nomex honeycomb technology, the 321 FAETA offers optimal visibility thanks to its canopy, to which are added two small windows located above the luggage compartment on each side of the fuselage. With a carbon composition and new profile, the 321 FAETA’s wings provide cruising speed for low fuel consumption and easy handling. The flaps ensure perfect flight stability even at extremely low speeds, allowing the pilot to fully manage the landing safely.
Last improvement to date: the fuel tanks located in the wings reinforce that the safety and comfort of the crew. Fast and extremely maneuverable, this unit has high comfort thanks to its spacious cabin, which can also be heated.


Wing span: 9.6 m
High: 2.0m
Lengh: 6.25m


Empty weight: 278.0 kg
(in its basic configuration)
MTOW: 472.5 kg
Useful load: 194.5 kg


Rotax 912 iS 100HP

The performance of 321 FAETA

The tail unit is a composite carbon T-construction consisting of a tapered horizontal stabilizer with fixed stabilizer and lift: it prevents any float beyond the VNE. Flexible, the landing gear is designed for a load of 550 kg, and the main wheels are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. The 321 FAETA is proposed in its basic version with a ROTAX 912 UL 80 HP engine in configuration with FITI propeller with three or two blades, fixed, adjustable on the ground. It is also available as an option with the ROTAX 912 ULS 100 HP or ROTAX 912iS SPORT 100HP engines.



FITI Design is a company engaged in the design, technology and production of composite products for ultra-light aircraft and sports flying equipment. Its main activity is the production of fixed composite propellers, adjustable on the ground and in flight, for ultra-light aircraft.


Take off distance: /
Landing distance: /
Stall speed flaps up (Vs): 73 km/h IAS (ISA and MTOW)
Stall speed full flaps (Vs0): 54 km/h IAS (ISA and MTOW)
Cruising speed: 245 km/h to 220 km/h
Climb rate: 1200 ft/min
Endurance: 5 to 10h (with 1h reserve)
R Range: 1225 km à 1800 km (with 1h reserve)


Cross wind: 11 kts
Load factors: + 5.05 / -3.05
Never exceed speed (Vne): 290 km/h IAS
Never exceed speed with flaps (Vfe): 130 km/h IAS