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Founded in 1992 by Pietr Volejnik, ATEC brings to the world of ULM innovative technological solutions to develop and produce aircrafts with exceptional performance. Thanks to its recognized expertise in the field of composite construction, ATEC offers a high-end flight experience, combining comfort and safety. Distributed in France by ATA DISTRIBUTION, discover the new generation of low-profile ULM wings.

321 FAETA NG : the ultralight last generation

The FAETA NG is the “challenger” composite / low-wing carbon ULM with a wide range of use. This new FAETA NG is exceptional in its flight characteristics, it has no competitor in its category for the moment. Much more manageable, it is also more stable with immediate reactions to control.

321 FAETA : aerodynamic and elegance

Its aerodynamic design and performance can make it feel like it belongs to the heavy aircraft classes, but the 321 FAETA is nevertheless part of the ultra-light thanks to its high quality carbon technology, which guarantees excellent resistance characteristics.


ATA DISTRIBUTION has become a reference in the ULM sector. We are proud to distribute aircrafts like the 321 FAETA NG, and we take pleasure in marketing these aircrafts with the same conviction: to offer our customers to discover and contemplate the world like an eagle.

Towing version of 321 FAETA