122 ZEPHYR – Features and performance

Main features

The 122 ZEPHYR is a super-light fast and very manageable thanks to its light but rigid construction. It offers optimum comfort thanks to its spacious and heated cabin that also adapts to the driver’s silhouette thanks to adjustable seats and pedals. The small windows located above the luggage compartment on both sides of the fuselage provide excellent visibility, a guarantee of safety. This ULM is equipped with a modern ballistic rescue system.

The wings of the 122 ZEPHYR are built in UA-2 composite laminar flow overhang and the fuselage is made up of a carbon fiber shell reinforced with bulkheads multilayered wood. The engine in the front of the fuselage is separated by a firewall to which are attached the engine mount and the steerable front wheel. The tail unit is a mixed T-shaped fiberglass construction. The landing gear is fixed to three wheels, the main ones are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.


Wing span: 9.6 m
Height: 2.0m
Lengh: 6.2m


Empty weight: 275.0 kg
(in its basic configuration)
MTOW: 472.5 kg
Useful load: 197.5 kg


Rotax 912 ULS 80HP


The fuel system of 122 ZEPHYR is composed of a tank integrated in the fuselage, which increases its aerodynamics. The ULM is offered in its standard version with a ROTAX 912 UL 80 HP or ROTAX 912 ULS 100 HP engine, driving a FITI propeller with three or two blades that can be fixed, ground or adjustable in flight.



FITI Design is a company engaged in the design, technology and production of composite products for ultra-light aircraft and sports flying equipment. Its main activity is the production of fixed composite propellers, adjustable on the ground and in flight, for ultra-light aircraft.


Take off distance: /
Landing distance: /
Stall speed full flaps  (Vs): 76,5 km/h IAS (with 1h reserve)
Stall speed full flaps (Vs0): 64,9 km/h IAS (with 1h reserve)
Cruising speed: 215 km/h to 220 km/h
Climb rate: 1380 ft/min
Autonomy : 4 to 8h
R Range: 720 km to 1120 km


Cross wind: 11 kts
Load factors: + 5.05 / -3.05
Never exceed speed (Vne): 265 km/h IAS
Never exceed speed with flaps (Vfe): 130 km/h IAS